Choosing The Best Season for Your Wedding at The Wilds

How to choose the best season for your wedding at The Wilds Venue in Indiana

Here at The Wilds in Brown County, Indiana, we are fortunate to be able to celebrate with our couples year-round. With versatile indoor and outdoor options for your wedding, any time of year can serve as the perfect backdrop if you know how to assess what each season offers. If you two are still considering what season would be the best fit for you, we have the elements to consider listed conveniently here!

Spring for delicate scenery and dramatic skies

Images by Sharin Shank

Our first busy wedding season of the year at The Wilds is Spring, and it’s for good reason. Southern Indiana Spring in Brown County boasts gorgeous views, comfortable temperatures, and freshly sprouted and bloomed natural wonders. If you and your fiancé are lovers of outdoor beauty and fun, Spring should be at the top of your list.

With the old adage about Spring showers, many worry about rain derailing their wedding day. At The Wilds, we’re never worried! Versatile spaces mean that you will have beautiful options, no matter the weather. That added element often makes for stunning skies with picturesque clouds as well, so get ready for major portraits in our many outdoor locations.

Spring books quickly for us and other vendors in the region, so be sure to book quickly if this time of year is at the top of your list. Planning ahead will reward you with an exceptional experience.

Summer for lush scenery and golden evenings

Choosing The Best Season for Your Wedding at The Wilds in Indiana
Images by Courtney Sinclair

Indiana Summers are a special kind of beautiful, and we feel like ours at The Wilds are extra magical. With the Brown County woods and our sweeping fields at their most lush and rich green, summer-lovers should definitely consider these middle-of-the-year dates for their wedding.

This time in the wedding calendar year sometimes slows a bit due to warmer temperatures. But with our considerate amenities at The Wilds, your guests won’t suffer the heat. From outdoor fans, plenty of shade, and refreshment stations, to easy transitions indoors whenever needed, you’re covered for any condition.

Your payoff is lush woodland beauty and glorious light, late into the evenings. Let the summer sunset paint your reception, you and your guests won’t forget it! Paired with the lush color palettes of florals available this time of year, this is your season if vibrancy is your style.

Our Summer couples also experience excellent guest turn-outs. If you are looking at a large guest-count, this is definitely a time of year to consider for your wedding. Summer break for those whose schedules revolve around education calendars provides a wonderful window to make a special getaway out of your wedding celebration.

To view more from Alex and Connor’s vibrant Summer celebration, view the full blog post here.

Choosing The Best Season for Your Wedding at The Wilds in Indiana
Choosing The Best Season for Your Wedding at The Wilds in Indiana
Choosing The Best Season for Your Wedding at The Wilds in Indiana
Choosing The Best Season for Your Wedding at The Wilds in Indiana

Autumn for vibrant colors and comfortable temperatures

Images by Anna Clark

Transitional weather might sound scary for wedding planning, but with our covered ceremony pavilion, you and your guests are perfectly sheltered. Full coverage and fans mean that even if the day leans warm or rainy, everyone will be comfortable.

The standout feature this time of year is the incredible color show happening in our wooded property. For some magical weeks in October and early November, you may be able to experience this on your big day! While we always caution that there is no guarantee of when peak color season will be, the bookend weeks around peak season are always magnificent as well.

If cooler evening hangs and cozy drinks by a fireside are your thing, take advantage of our patio space. Excellent as a quiet conversation spot or a fun place for lawn games, your guests will love the option of outdoor reception plans at this time of year.

Autumn is our second busy season of the year, so if this time of year is the right fit for you, inquire as soon as you can for available dates.

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Winter for lovers of cozy vibes and glowing lights

Choosing The Best Season for Your Wedding at The Wilds in Indiana
Images by Von Film Co.

Couples with an affinity for coziness should consider winter for their wedding. With multifaceted indoor and outdoor options, The Wilds can make even the cold months magical. Scenery benefits are found in muted colors among our wooded surroundings, making vibrant and rich color palettes pop perfectly.

Off-season dates also mean a higher likelihood that your favorite vendors are available. While high-demand Spring and Fall can be hard to book all of your favorite artists, many are easy to work with in this slower wedding season. Less compromise in your vendor team always yields an unforgettable wedding experience.

Love the holidays like this sweet pictured couple? The winter months are also perfect for leaning into classic holiday decor! Whether you two are Christmas enthusiasts or New Years party-throwers, these seasonal celebrations are endless fun to create at The Wilds. With a clean and homey interior decor, guests can experience all of the magic if this is your favorite season.

To view more of Emma and Caleb’s classic Christmas wedding, check out the full blog post here.

Choosing The Best Season for Your Wedding at The Wilds in Indiana
Choosing The Best Season for Your Wedding at The Wilds in Indiana

Still not sure what’s best for you?

If you’d like to see more of what The Wilds has to offer throughout the year, check our seasonal tags! We have a diverse collection of wonderful past couples featured. In our posts get all of the tips, tricks, and inspiration you need. Have some specific questions? Contact us and we’ll help start your planning process off right with The Wilds Venue! Our experienced and friendly team are ready to help you plan your dream wedding.

Looking for more wedding planning inspiration? We have all that you need right here!

Looking for an authentic, memorable wedding venue in Southern Indiana that perfectly defines your unique personality and style? Then you are in the right place! You are wildly original. Your wedding should be no less. Please contact us today to learn more or book a tour of Indiana’s most sought after wedding and event venue, The Wilds!

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