Say “I Do” in Style: 2024 Bridal Trends You Don’t Want to Miss

The new year brings a fresh wave of wedding trends to help you create a wedding that’s uniquely you. From daring colors and playful silhouettes to luxurious details and sustainable choices, there’s something for every bride in 2024. At The Wilds, we’re all about celebrating who you are as an individual. To help you imagine your bridal outfitting possibilities, we’re happy to share the upcoming bridal trends we can’t wait to see!

2024 Bridal Trends You Don't Want to Miss
Image by Cat Satre

Drop-Waist Silhouettes: This elegant style is a major bridal trend for 2024, offering a modern twist on the classic bridal look. The dropped waistline flatters a wide range of body types and creates a timeless yet contemporary look.

Mini Dresses: Leave the traditional ball gown behind and embrace the playful charm of a mini dress. Perfect for a modern bride who wants to showcase her personality and dance the night away.

Oversized Bows: Add a touch of drama and sophistication with oversized bows. This bridal trend is popping up on a variety of gowns, from sleek and minimalist styles to romantic and whimsical designs.

Boudoir Influence: Channel your inner goddess with luxurious fabrics, lace details, and delicate embellishments inspired by boudoir lingerie. This trend is perfect for a sensual and romantic bridal look.

Wedding Suits: Offering a chic and stylish alternative to a dress, consider wearing a suit for your special day. Whether you opt for a chic pantsuit, a stylish jumpsuit, or a tailored ensemble, wedding suits exude a timeless elegance. Perfect for the bride who seeks a sophisticated, contemporary look.

To source all of the fashion-forward styles above, we recommend visiting Marie Gabriel Bridal in Indianapolis. Their exceptional selection of designer gowns is perfect for the luxury Indiana bride.

2024 Bridal Trends You Don't Want to Miss
Image by Courtney Sinclair

Break Tradition with Bold Colors and Fabrics

Pastel Dresses: Step away from the traditional white and embrace soft hues like baby blue, lavender, and peach. These romantic and whimsical colors add a touch of personality and make for stunning wedding photos.

Moody Dresses: Make a bold statement and break the mold with a black wedding dress. This dramatic and elegant choice is perfect for the fashion-forward bride who wants to defy tradition.

’90s Silhouettes: The 90s are back in a big way, and wedding fashion is no exception. Expect to see slip dresses, spaghetti straps, and minimalist silhouettes reminiscent of the decade.

Sustainable Fabrics: Eco-conscious brides can rejoice! More and more designers are offering gowns made from sustainable materials like organic cotton, linen, and recycled fabrics.

Our favorite resource with a gorgeous curation of unique and eco-friendly gowns is The Frock in Bloomington. With a mind toward serving the non-traditional bride, this is a must-visit if a unique look is on your radar.

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More is More: Maximalism Reigns Supreme

Maximalism is taking over the bridal world, offering a more-is-more approach to wedding dress design. Bold colors, intricate embellishments, and layered textures are creating truly eye-catching gowns.

Metallic Touches: Add a touch of sparkle and luxury with metallic threads, sequins, or even a fully metallic gown. This trend is perfect for brides who want to make a statement and shine on their special day.

Sophia’s Bridal is one of our favorite Indiana stores to build a luxe look. With an exceptional eye for delightful details and wonderful accessory selections at all three of their Indiana locations, Sophia’s is a must-visit for maximalist brides.

The 2024 wedding season promises to be a diverse and exciting one. With so many trends to choose from, brides-to-be can find the perfect style to express their individuality and create a wedding that reflects their unique love story.

Looking for an authentic, memorable wedding venue in Southern Indiana that perfectly defines your unique personality and style? Then you are in the right place! You are wildly original. Your wedding should be no less. Please contact us today to learn more or book a tour of Indiana’s most sought after wedding and event venue, The Wilds!

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