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February 14, 2018

Cathy Teeters Beautiful Wedding and Design Studio

Community, community, community. It’s one of the pillars we stand on here at The Wilds, and we love anything that brings people together. As an event and wedding venue here in Bloomington, we often work with multiple vendors on a single wedding day: florists, bakeries, stylists, and more. We love each and every one, because of what they can bring to a day, with unique perspectives and special talents. We want to begin highlighting these incredible partners here on the blog, by introducing you to them! We hope these also become resources for YOU, prospective brides or those planning a special celebration. There are so many available vendors these days, that it helps to narrow your search. Let’s meet Cathy today:


Tell us how your company got started:

My name is Cathy Teeters, and my business is Cathy Teeters Beautiful Weddings and Design Studio. As a second generation florist, I was raised in the flower shop, and I started my own business in 2001. We offer Wedding and Special Event flowers, as well as planning and coordinating services. I joined The Association of Bridal Consultants in 2000 with the intention of being a full planning and decor company. Our 1000 square foot studio is located on Lake Lemon, and is set up like a traditional flower shop, with a walk-in cooler, and it’s filled with rentals and decor that are available to our clients. Because our studio is at the same location as our home, I am truly living and working in my small business…it is very rewarding and I am thankful and proud of our success. We are going into our 18th year in business. It is sometimes challenging to separate family time and business, which is why after nearly eight years in business, I began blocking Sundays off for our family. I laugh now, because one of the reasons I wanted out of a retail flower shop was because I was tired of working eighty hour weeks in the flower shop at Valentine’s Day. Now, I know running your own business, is often filled with eighty hour weeks!


Why did you go into business?

As I mentioned, I am a second-generation florist, so for me, the calling was natural. My dad was a florist and once told me, “Once a florist, always a florist.” My kids also have the creative gene. My daughter Caitlin, is a kitchen designer at Tommy D’s and my son Seth, has designed for Adidas, does marketing for a local company that has several businesses under their umbrella, and does video and photography for weddings. I was called to the planning and coordination after many years in the floral business and seeing a real need for a wedding planner or wedding coordinator. I saw firsthand too many moms running themselves to exhaustion on their daughter’s wedding day. Mom’s, brides, groom’s and family should be able to relax enjoy that very special day, not run a marathon!



Tell us about your store:

I once had a bride’s mother tell me that we created an atmosphere where joy was possible. I was very moved by that, and it became my motto, “We create an atmosphere where joy is possible”. We create that atmosphere with our beautiful florals and design. We also create that atmosphere by allowing our clients to be a guest at their wedding. We want our audience to associate us with being knowledgeable, creative, patient, passionate, and having integrity.


What is your favorite product or item you’ve made and why?

The favorite thing I have ever created would be the florals for my daughter’s wedding, and then my son’s. They were very different stylistically, but the flowers were a true priority. I joked at my daughters wedding that we might run out of beer and wine, but aren’t the flowers spectacular?! (We of course, did not run out of beer or wine!). One of my favorite things to create is always the bride’s bouquet. I enjoy designing a special bouquet that is going to be carried by a woman on one of the most important days of her life. As often as I possibly can, I want to be the one to personally share that bouquet with the bride for the first time on her wedding day.


How did you become involved with The Wilds Event Venue?

I met Alison at one of our Bloomington Wedding Professional group meetings. This is a group that I co-founded several years ago for just this purpose, to meet other professionals in the wedding business in our local area. It gives us an opportunity to network, as well as do site visits. Originally, our purpose was also to not only have the opportunity to network, but to socialize away from the busy wedding days that many of us work, but never have much of an opportunity to talk and get to know each other. I am very excited to do our first wedding at The Wilds Venue together! We have booked our first couple that is using this beautiful new venue.


To find out more about booking your wedding with Cathy and her talented company, please schedule an appointment with her at, or via phone at 812.327.9794! 

All images courtesy Seth Teeters Photography and used with permission. 

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