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Introducing The Wilds wedding venue recommended vendor, Indiana wedding photographer, Anna Clark

As wedding venue owners of The Wilds in Bloomington, Indiana, we have had the opportunity to work alongside several amazing wedding industry vendors. In doing so, we’ve grown quite fond of Anna Clark Photography. We find ourselves frequently recommending this incredibly talented Indiana wedding photographer and her team. They are equally as focused on authentic client relationships as they are their artistic craft.

Without further ado, please allow us to introduce you to Anna Clark Photography via our recent, intriguing interview.

Top Indiana Wedding Photographer | The Wilds Wedding Venue

How did your wedding photographer company get started?

Photography was a bit inevitable for me. I’m from Los Angeles, California, which has so much art to offer. I also come from a family of incredibly artistic people. My Grandpa introduced me to cameras and the joy of recording wonderful moments and scenes when I was very young.

At fifteen years old, I knew that photography would be my profession but I was at a loss for my specialty. I had equal loves for fashion, photojournalism, travel, and still life photography. A mentor pointed out to me that weddings were the perfect cross-section of each of those loves. When I started assisting him on his weddings, I found my passion. By the time I was nineteen, I had started my business. Here I am, eight years later, genuinely loving it even more than I did at the start!

Top Indiana Wedding Photographer | The Wilds Wedding Venue | Indiana University

What do you love most about what you do as an Indiana wedding photographer?

My couples are my joy, genuinely. That sounds like the most massive cliche, but it’s true. Every couple deserves to have their story cared for and captured with the same care that is paid to a romantic cinematic masterpiece. I love creating an experience that has them fully experiencing the emotional beauty of that moment, feeling deeply like themselves and capturing that in a refined and elegant manner. The collaborative spirit behind creative productions, and capturing the work of other vendors who have poured their hearts and skills into serving this same couple is a privilege. I work hard to create a final collection of images that reflects each decision made by my couples to best tell their story and to create their first family heirloom.

Top Indiana Wedding Photographer | Anna Clark Photography | The Wilds Wedding Venue

How would you describe your style?

My photography style is heavily influenced by the Impressionist painters and by fashion photography. Beautiful light is always my starting point, using it to show details, delicate texture, and the romance of my couples. My compositions are simple, keeping my subjects poignant and elegant. Then I look to color, always seeking to celebrate the moods created by the palette around me in a way that feels fresh. When posing my couples, I infuse my experiences in college learning on set from top fashion photographers – I allow my subjects to enjoy interacting candidly and I step in with gentle prompts and guidance, which makes for a relaxed session and stunning captures.

The resulting images carry a timeless quality, with a classical beauty worthy of the honor of being art in your home for generations to come.

What is your advice as an Indiana Wedding Photographer to couples who are just starting to plan their wedding?

First, they should decide how they want their event to feel before they decide how it should look. I encourage them to think through their ideal non-wedding party that they’d love to attend. The couple should take cues from that vision and what feels good naturally to them – not the current wedding trends. Maybe that is a chic black tie event with a champagne tower and a killer jazz band. Or perhaps it’s a warm sunset picnic full of color and decadent charcuterie boards on mismatched vintage linens. That mood can easily direct every visual decision that you make, from the big details to the little ones. Following that will result in a unique and true-to-you event.

Secondly, and no matter what, as long as the bride and the groom show up at the same place at roughly the same time with their officiant and a witness, its been a successful wedding. Did I mention that I’m happy to be your Indiana wedding photographer and sign your marriage certificate as a witness? At the end of the day, it’s about the start of your life together. Nothing is more beautiful than the purity of that truth, and nothing can stop two forces that are meant to be together.

How did you become involved with us here at The Wilds?

My love of The Wilds likely started the way that it does for many couples who get married here – The Wilds Instagram! What Alison and Brian have created blew me away. And I hoped that I would get to capture their beautiful corner of the world and every thoughtful design detail at the venue. My family was still living in California but the prospect of moving to Indiana was becoming very real. So, I reached out to Alison and was met with a tidal wave of kindness. She was the first person who made me feel like Indiana could be called home. She made me so excited to join the community of wedding creatives that I am now so happy to call my friends. When that kind of magic and love converges at The Wilds, it can’t be anything other than a beautiful experience. 

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