Saying “I Do” to Love (and Keeping Family Happy): Navigating Family Dynamics at The Wilds

Tips for Navigating Wedding Family Dynamics from the planning professionals at The Wilds Venue

Here at The Wilds, we’ve witnessed countless love stories unfold within our picturesque Brown County setting. We’ve seen the joy, the tears, the laughter – and yes, sometimes, even a sprinkle of family drama. But fear not, lovebirds! We’re addressing one of our top questions from couples – how should you navigate family wedding planning dynamics? We’re here to share some tips to help you navigate those sticky situations and ensure your planning process stays focused on the joy of your upcoming union.

Tips for Navigating Wedding Family Dynamics from the planning professionals at The Wilds Venue
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Communication is Key:

Open and honest communication is the bedrock of any successful relationship. That includes the one you’re building with your partner and your families. Talk openly about your vision for the wedding, your budget, and any expectations you might have. This doesn’t mean every detail has to be a group decision, but including your families in the conversation shows respect and keeps everyone on the same page.

Finding Common Ground:

Weddings are a beautiful opportunity to blend families and traditions. Discuss incorporating meaningful elements from both sides. Whether it’s a special family recipe for the menu, a favorite cultural dance during the reception, or even incorporating heirloom jewelry into the ceremony. This creates a sense of unity and celebrates the unique tapestry your new family is weaving.

Boundaries with Love:

It’s okay to set boundaries! While family input is valuable, remember, it’s ultimately your and your partner’s day. Be prepared to politely decline suggestions that fall outside your vision or budget. A phrase like, “Thank you so much for the suggestion, we really appreciate your input. We’ve decided to go with [your choice] because…” can go a long way.

Your wedding planning team can help with this. Deadlines for each of your decisions can take extra options off the table while maintaining your sanity. For recommendations on top wedding planners near The Wilds, contact us today.

Consider also setting time boundaries around when you two will work on planning, including family-involved elements, and set aside regular date and decompression time.

Tips for Navigating Wedding Family Dynamics from the planning professionals at The Wilds Venue
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Helpful Energy Direction:

We’ve seen good intentions from family members turn into too much pressure on our couples many times before. Sometimes, even with the best communication, family members will still have a specific part of the day that they want some say in. If you are noticing that a family member is wanting to feel productively included but are unsure how to channel that energy, consider the following suggestions to provide them for meaningful day-of assistance:

Family Member who wants to organize guests:

  • Family-Member-Wrangling during family formals. Provide them with the list of family members you need to make sure are present for family photos and have them oversee that everyone is present.

Social Family Member who wants to host:

  • Guest mingling during cocktail hour. If you know that you have some lone-ranger guests or simply want to make sure everyone feels included, specially request that your very social family member(s) check in with people outside of their usual circle for a bit during cocktail hour while you’re off taking photos.

Family Member who wants to decorate:

  • Specific zone decorating. If your design aesthetic is a bit flexible, consider requesting they take care of a single-zone decorating task. Areas such as the present table, guestbook table, family memorial, or perhaps an informal photo-booth setup could provide a focus-point for their interest without making you change your overall design plan.

Tips for Navigating Wedding Family Dynamics from the planning professionals at The Wilds Venue
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Focus on What Matters:

Remember, amidst the planning whirlwind, the most important thing is celebrating your love with your partner and those closest to you. Don’t lose sight of the joy and excitement of this special time. Here at The Wilds, our dedicated team is here to help make your wedding planning experience as stress-free as possible.

So breathe deep, take each decision one step at a time, and remember, with a little communication, creativity, and a whole lot of love, you can navigate any family dynamic and plan a wedding that reflects your unique love story. Now, go forth and celebrate!

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