Meet The Owners! Interview with Nick and Diane of The Wilds Venue

Get to know new owners of The Wilds Venue in today’s Q&A

We at The Wilds Venue have recently undergone a big transition and are excited to introduce you to our new owners, Nick and Diane. They are passionate about great connections and serving couples at The Wilds Venue with the exceptional service we’ve been known for since our start! To help you all get to know them better, Nick sat down for a little Q&A with us and we can’t wait for you to hear their story and get better acquainted.

Meet New Owners of The Wilds Venue

The Wilds: We’d love a bit of an introduction for couples who haven’t met you yet! Tell us a bit about yourselves and your journey to Indiana and The Wilds Venue.

Nick: Diane and I met through a co-ed business fraternity at USC and have been partners in crime for the last twelve years. We just celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary, married on October 1st! Our journey since has been a true adventure, with six moves in the past six years. We have finally put down roots in Carmel, Indiana.

When we started investing in real estate in the greater Indianapolis market in 2017, we certainly never imagined calling the midwest home. As has become a familiar story, the Covid 19 pandemic caused us to question our lifestyle in the Bay Area of California. We temporarily relocated to Fishers, Indiana to ride out the crisis and get closer to our business. When remote work became the way of the world and Diane was able to stay in a job she loved, our stay extended! We’ve survived a few winters and love calling Indiana home.

In early 2022, I quit my full-time job working for Oculus and started to pursue more ambitious projects in our growing real estate business. While I never imagined that would lead me to own a Wedding Venue, I couldn’t be more excited to build the future of The Wilds Venue in partnership with our team. Alison and Brian created an incredible venue and experience for couples – and I can’t wait to keep building on the vision.

Meet New Owners of The Wilds Venue
Meet New Owners of The Wilds Venue

The Wilds: As a couple, what things connected you and continue to help you two inspire and build your lives together?

Nick: Diane and I have always approached our relationship as a partnership, fully appreciating how much we both like to fill our plates. When one of us hits a particularly grueling patch in our careers, we’ve always counted on the other to catch one another. We’re fortunate to have a relationship grounded in deep respect and admiration and have enjoyed learning from the very different strengths we each bring to the table.

We look forward to growing together in the next decade. As we think about the future, it’s filled with the freedom to dedicate our time and attention to the things that truly matter.

Meet New Owners of The Wilds Venue

The Wilds: What is it about The Wilds that drew you to take on this wedding venue?

Nick: The Wilds Venue took our breath away at first sight. We can’t imagine a more serene and gorgeous setting to begin a life together, and it’s everything we wanted for our wedding in 2016. Beyond the charm of the Wilds, we saw an opportunity to bring what we know well to the table, building on the expertise and foundation the existing Wilds team built.

With a background in residential real estate, we’re looking to continue building at the Wilds, creating remarkable experiences for couples and guests.

Every decision we make is grounded in the same principle on which The Wilds was built: what’s best for the couple? We’ve talked to couples and learned about their wish lists, and we’re excited to begin creating opportunities to bring even more magic to The Wilds Venue.

Meet New Owners of The Wilds Venue
Meet New Owners of The Wilds Venue

The Wilds: What are your hopes for future couples at The Wilds?

Nick: Trusting our team and The Wilds to kickstart your life as a married couple is a gift, and every time a couple chooses to put their faith in us, we’re flattered. We also take that responsibility extremely seriously. 

When we think about future couples at The Wilds – we want to continue building on the reputation we’ve earned so far. Couples know that our team will support them at every step and that the experience will be seamless and remarkable. We also know they’re eager for more time and experiences at The Wilds, and we’re working hard to bring that vision to life.

But we also recognize our time with couples at The Wilds only marks the starting line. We love nothing more than hearing from happy and thriving couples years later.

Meet New Owners of The Wilds Venue
Meet New Owners of The Wilds Venue
Meet New Owners of The Wilds Venue

The Wilds: Envisioning the future of The Wilds, what do you see being a part of the next chapter? 

Nick: Our commitment to excellence and service in everything we do will remain unchanged. If you’ve attended a wedding or an open house at The Wilds, you’ve likely met our team and partners. They are the ongoing backbone of our business. As we look to the next chapter, it’s one of listening to and responding to the feedback we hear from couples. We know the number one ask from couples is better and closer housing options for their guests, and we’re bringing that to life very soon.

As we continue to grow, we’ll seek opportunities to serve our couples and continue exceeding expectations. Don’t hesitate to let us know how we can continue improving and creating a day you’ll never forget at The Wilds.

Meet New Owners of The Wilds Venue

Special thanks to Courtney Sinclair Photography for capturing these portraits!

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