Planning Your Wedding at The Wilds

Get to know the wedding planning process with The Wilds before you book your big day

Today, we chat with Claire Nielsen of The Wilds’ team. Current couples will know and love her, and new couples will soon be delighted by her. She is our Venue Director and the key touchpoint for our couples at The Wilds. For couples wondering what the booking and planning experience with our five-star wedding venue is like, we thought we’d have her walk us through the whole process. From the first tour to the day that you exchange your vows, get to know everything you need to know about planning your wedding at our Southern Indiana wedding venue!

Wedding Planning at The Wilds Venue
Image by Caitlin Davis

The Wilds: Tell us a bit about your role at The Wilds and what part of your position you love the most

Claire: As a venue director, I have the privilege of being a part of our couples’ Wilds experience from the day they tour until wedding day itself.  I also support in managing the ins and outs of the venue itself, and making sure as a business we are functioning properly and thriving for our clients.

I love getting to know our couples, being a part of the planning experience and seeing their visions come to life!

Wedding Planning at The Wilds Venue
Image by Rebecca Shehorn

The Wilds: When couples are figuring out which venue to book, what are questions you recommend they ask/consider while touring?

Claire: When couples are touring, there are a few key questions and factors I’d recommend keeping in mind.

First, how does the space make you feel?  Do you become excited and giddy thinking about the possibility of hosting your wedding there? Can you visualize hosting your wedding in the space? If so, you’re definitely on the right track.

Second, what inclusions and amenities are included?  Some venues have hidden costs or add-on fees, so couples will want to make sure they are aware of those additions prior to booking. One thing I love about The Wilds is that we do our best to provide transparency regarding all costs, inclusions and amenities so that we set couples up for success.

Third, if there are important components that you’d like to include as a part of your day such as: cultural rituals, specific food preferences or restrictions, including your dog, a sparkler exit, etc., be sure to mention those important factors.  Most venues are able to cater to your needs, but others may have policies in place that limit your desires. 

Wedding Planning at The Wilds Venue
Image by Jordan Leffel

The Wilds: Once couples are booked with The Wilds, what things set their client experience with The Wilds apart from other venues in the region? 

Claire: At The Wilds, we prioritize supporting couples’ planning experience from the day they say “I Do” to the venue.  From our monthly open houses, in-house decor options, client resource guide, email reminders, and personalized Online Wedding Planner, to in person and phone consultations, our couples know they have access to our experienced team and an abundance of resources at their fingertips. We love to make things truly easy and truly personal, and providing so many resources is our joy.

Wedding Planning at The Wilds Venue
Image by Courtney Sinclair

The Wilds: The Wild’s event coordination is well known to be a major asset of the venue for the day of the wedding – what sets coordination with The Wilds apart?

Claire: Our staff is extremely intentional about making couples’ wedding day as seamless and enjoyable as possible.  We know how to plan a wedding at The Wilds and we want to make sure our couples’ are able to be fully present and soak up every moment. Our dedicated team prioritizes all of the set-up, decorating, and guiding the day to make sure couples and those closest to them are able to kick back and enjoy. 

Wedding Planning at The Wilds Venue
Image by Samantha Mitchell

The Wilds: Your job is a challenging one! What keeps you excited about each new event?

Claire: While we host over 100 weddings a year, I love that each wedding looks and feels completely different and personalized.  The Wilds serves as a great blank canvas for couples and allows them the opportunity to transform the space into their own unique vision, creating the wedding of their dreams. Getting to know each couples’ personality and their love story is so much fun, and we love pulling it all together at The Wilds.

Wedding Planning at The Wilds Venue
Image by Anna Clark

Looking for more wedding planning inspiration? We have all that you need right here!

Looking for an authentic, memorable wedding venue in Southern Indiana that perfectly defines your unique personality and style? Then you are in the right place! You are wildly original. Your wedding should be no less. Please contact us today to learn more or book a tour of Indiana’s most sought after wedding and event venue, The Wilds!

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