5 Things to do the Week Before Your Wedding

5 Things to do the week before your wedding

The final week before your wedding can feel like a blur. To soak in the joy of the moment, we at The Wilds love to recommend some final to-do items so that the day of your wedding can be enjoyed to the max.

What To Do The Week Before Your Wedding | The Wilds Venue
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Make final confirmations of details with your vendors

The week before your celebration is a great time to do your final check-in with your vendors. All of your details should have been solidly confirmed many weeks before, but final confirmation is wise. Ask any remaining questions that you have. You want to make sure that you are all on the same page to save you from day-of confusion.

Your timeline is a key element to make a final confirmation of at this stage. Using our planning tools at The Wilds, a cohesive and clear timeline is a breeze to build from the start of your planning process. From there, you can trust your vendor team of professionals to have a clear road map for the day.

Knowing that your team has the plan set will be a perfect de-stressing step for the week before your wedding.

What To Do The Week Before Your Wedding | The Wilds Venue
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Break in your new shoes

Your comfort will guarantee extra joy on your wedding day, and an easily forgotten aspect of this is your shoes.

Whether bride or groom, wearing your wedding shoes for a few days before your special day will guarantee that they are broken in and won’t hurt your dancing feet. Wedding day blisters are something that you can avoid with a little week-before preparation.

To ensure that your wedding shoes remain looking brand new, we recommend only wearing them indoors at home. For women’s shoes, consider wearing them with thin socks. This will help to stretch the shoe slightly while protecting your heels. This will also keep the interior of your shoe looking perfect for flat lay images of your details. If your new heels are proving to be a bit slippery, score the bottoms under the ball of your foot with scissors for a little extra grip.

What To Do The Week Before Your Wedding | The Wilds Venue
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Finalize and practice your vows

We’ve seen it before. Couples arrive and in the busyness of their wedding day struggle to write their vows. While we absolutely love it when couples share completely personalized vows, we recommend writing them in the week before your Ceremony.

A little prep time ensures that you can write in a space that isn’t overly busy, and it allows you time to practice them out loud.

If you are wanting to keep your vows a surprise for your spouse, consider recruiting a friend or family member to help by listening. Taking the time to practice your vows can ensure that you say everything that is on your heart in exactly the way that you want to say it.

Need some help writing your vows? We have you covered! See 6 Tips for Writing Your Own Wedding Vows.

What To Do The Week Before Your Wedding | The Wilds Venue
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Secure someone to provide wedding day lunch

A perfect task to delegate a week before your wedding is lunch for the bridal party and family members who will be getting ready with you.

This meal is an easy thing to forget about, but one that you (and your loved ones) will be so thankful that you took care of! Wedding days can be long and eventful, so pausing for a meal is a great way to ensure that everyone is feeling great and is fueled up for the festivities.

For any family or friends looking for a way to help, this is a perfect task to have them manage. Consider having them acquire hearty and healthy options. Taking into consideration any dietary restrictions that members of your party may have is also essential. A lunch break managed by someone outside of the bridal party keeps everyone feeling great as you head into the ceremony!

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Write your spouse-to-be a letter

The week before your wedding is a perfect time to slow down for a moment and spend time thinking of your spouse-to-be.

Letter writing is one of our favorite wedding day traditions. Taking time to write a keepsake love letter is the perfect thing to put on your to-do list. Having a moment before seeing each other to read these helps to set the tone. It’s a calming and beautiful time during the whirlwind day to pause all of the excitement and get focused on everything that brought you two together.

Letters can either be shared at a first look, prior to the first look, or delivered by a member of your bridal party if you won’t see one another until the ceremony.

You will love having these letters as a token of your wedding day. They are a perfect detail to have included in your wedding album!

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Ready to plan the start of your forever?

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Looking for more wedding tips? We have all that you need right here!

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